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Design and development of the website of Lokomotywa - a center for diagnosis, therapy and artistic classes for children and teenagers. The website is a part of the design and implementation of the Lokomotywa's visual identity. It consists of a main page and two subpages - a price list and a gallery of works from artistic classes. A simple information architecture guides you through the offer to contact options. The extensive narrative is replaced by a rich graphic motif that expresses the character and mission of the center.

my role:
UX/UI design
illustration art

Unlike Lokomotywa's printed materials, its website has a dark background. Deep gray and scattered white or colored inscriptions and geometric shapes evoke associations with colorful drawings on a school blackboard. The chaos of the composition symbolizes childhood spontaneity and creativity. The chaos, however, is apparent - the composition is built on a grid. Element blocks direct the eye to the most important information, giving the impression of mutual attraction and repulsion. The way the colored shapes are arranged creates lines that guide the eye along the page.
In the project, I used illustrations that I drew for the identification design.

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