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The Lokomotywa is a diagnostic, therapeutic and artistic center offering art classes for children and teenagers in the small town of Przasnysz in the north of Mazovia.
I have prepared and implemented a visual identity project consisting of a logo design, advertising materials, color palette, selection of typography. On the basis of the new branding, a project of the Lokomotywa website was also created, which was implemented by me and also included in this portfolio.

my role:
logo design
print designs
illustration art
C 0%   M 64%   Y 70%   K 9%
C 0%   M 38%   Y 31%   K 9%
C 0%   M 25%   Y 95%   K 2%
C 46%   M 0%   Y 33%   K 35%
C 42%   M 26%   Y 0%   K 26%
C 11%   M 31%   Y 0%   K 42%
C 0%   M 0%   Y 0%   K 80%
C 0%   M 0%   Y 1%   K 2%

Lokomotywa in Polish means a locomotive. The logo depicts a moving steam engine. The smoke coming out of it takes the form of colored bubbles. This machine is supposed to bring to mind positive feelings and values, such as creativity, productivity, development and individualism. A color palette helps in this, consisting of several intense, equivalent colors that together create a lively, joyful atmosphere. I avoided pastel colors, which often appear in graphics directed at children. The graphic image of the Locomotive is designed so as not to be infantile, but to be go-getting and aimed at a wider age group.

The typography is based on a sans serif typeface with rounded edges. When designing materials with its use, I used a constant thickness to maintain the homogeneity of the text and the impression of its geometricity.

The motif of geometric shapes and their various colors runs through the printed and digital materials. Dots, circles and anything that is rounded are in the lead. Using them, I tried to build both creative, chaotic compositions and those based on a strict order that frames the layout on business cards or posters.

I made digital illustrations for the poster design. Depending on the subject of the poster, the characters depict different emotions and a different type of frame composition is selected.

On other materials, colors and shapes are arranged in abstract geometric compositions.

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