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Her is a concept of an app for viewing cinema listings and buying tickets for film screenings. It is an application that can answer all the needs of cinema visitors, and at the same time has been designed to be simple and intuitive to use. Her is also the answer to all the inconvenience associated with buying tickets online and their storage. Her also helps you choose better specific film and screening, and allows you to express your own film taste and opinions about them.

design concept
my role:
UX/UI design
design system

I designed the graphic interface of the application in the spirit of minimalist elegance combined with brutalism. The dark theme is associated with the darkness of a cinema hall. Black nobles a variety of content and brings out the value of posters and film frames. The composition of each application screen is built mainly on the rich typography and delicate lines that organize the layout and constitute a graphic detail. The appropriate selection of points from the grayscale with the colors of text, strokes and fills, the ergonomic division of the composition of each screen into permanent functional fields and the typography scale make the interface clear, intuitive and oriented towards showing the rich content of film materials.


The main tab of the application shows the movie listings in a given location. For easy selection, posters are shown one after the other. With each of them, you decide whether to buy a ticket or see the next title. This can be done using buttons and gestures.

Movies in the repertoire are shown with posters. Swiping left leads to a detailed view with all important information, such as plot description, cast, user and critics' reviews. Thanks to this, the selection of the film is more conscious and you do not need to consult online film databases.

The repertoire in the browser is filtered by date, time and location. The settings are accessed after touching the bar at the top of the screen. The browser can also be set to display premieres coming in a given month.


It can be used as a wish list, where you add movies from your browser that you want to save for the cinema trip. Using the drawer, you can also create a list of limited selection to quickly decide on one title from the current repertoire. The drawer is opened by sliding the browser screen to the right.

buing tickets

This is the most important path in the application. The process has been designed to reduce the possibility of confusion and increase the user's sense of control. When you touch the Tickets button next to the selected title, a chronological list of screenings in the city appears along with a map of cinemas, which allows you to limit the choice to a movie theater. Then, the user determines the number and type of tickets, selects seats in the cinema hall for the given number of tickets, and after summing up, makes the payment in the selected method. At each stage, the list at the top of the screen summarizes all the information.

tickets tab

Instead of downloading PDF files and looking for them later in the phone's memory, thanks to the Her application, you can store cinema tickets in a quickly accessible place in the tickets tab, where QR codes and all important data are visible at a glance.
Each ticket can be sent to another person who uses the application and is among friends. In this way, we can give someone a ticket or organize a group visit to the cinema.

user tab

Here watched movies appear after the screening. Each of them is waiting for a review, which can make the choice easier for other users. The rated films join the collection. By default, each profile is visible to other users in order to find and add friends using the search engine.

hi-fi prototype

It reflects every designed graphic detail, animation, sequence of operations and sequence of events. Click on the container at the bottom to run the application prototype in a new tab.

hi-fi prototype
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